How To… Browse the Collection

Containing over four thousand swatches, Tapestry‘s database is searchable by keywords.

The default home screen for Tapestry displays swatches numerically, in ascending order according to their catalog ID. Swatches from the collection can also be displayed randomly via use of the “Shuffle” button. Numerical order can always be restored upon clicking the Tapestry logo.

On the home screen, begin by scrolling through images, shuffling image, or by conducting a search.

How To… Search the Collection

Each swatch is cataloged according to its date of manufacture, manufacturer name and location of origin, as well as motif (e.g., fruit, stripes), motif category (e.g., floral, geometric), colors and more. An example of a keyword search: red, berry.

Work first from the broadest possible terms, like colors. Then try combinations that yield desirable results.

Think of variations: if searching for a country, check potential variations (England, Ireland, UK).

Begin small: if looking a green floral motif, start with the word green. Depending on how data was logged, “lime” may not be entered as “lime green.”

Searches matching these and other categories will filter swatches according to the keywords entered in the “Search” box.

How to… Use Images

Clicking on a thumbnail will provide all details of a given swatch. Scrolling down will provide more information about that record. Clicking on an image again will display the image in the highest available resolution.

How to… Share Information

Clicking on the text email link takes advantage of your device’s native email client to send email with links to the page to a friend or colleague. Above each image is a full range of social media sharing options, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and StumbleUpon.

How To… Contact Us

Clicking on the “Like” tab on any swatch’s record will bring up a request form that can notify us of your interest. A space for comments / questions is provided (e.g., “I am interested in licensing this fabric swatch for reproduction.”).

To learn more about the Tapestry project and opportunities available to scholars, educators and industry professionals, email or call 215-951-2860.

The Design Center at Philadelphia University is located at 4201 Henry Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19144.

For more information about Philadelphia University, visit